Why no Lakers news on the front page?

Some Times readers were surprised and disappointed to find no mention of the Lakers’ victory on the front page of Friday’s Times.

Sharon Spira-Cushnir of Los Angeles asked, “Is it actually possible that today’s paper has no mention of the Laker victory on the front page?

Gene Aker of Los Angeles wondered the same thing: “Why wasn’t there ANY mention of the Lakers on Page 1 of Friday’s newspaper?”

The front-page question is one that has come up since the introduction of the LATExtra section on Feb. 2. LATExtra is designed to contain the day’s breaking news, and it and the Sports section have the latest deadlines. The front page and the rest of the main news section have one of the earliest. Times Publisher Eddy Hartenstein explained the changes in a note in January.

In Friday’s editions, a special NBA Finals section carried the Lakers news. That section was wrapped around the rest of the paper so that it would be seen first.

Also, a Lakers special section will be published Monday to coincide with the team’s victory parade.

This column was originally published on LATimes.com on June 19, 2010.

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