Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe joins ONO

By Alan Sunderland
ONO Treasurer and Editorial Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Organisation of News Ombudsmen is delighted to welcome a new member to its ranks: The Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe.

The Council’s Executive Director, Mr. Loughty Dube, contacted ONO earlier this year with a request to be part of the ONO family and to join in ONO activities.

The VCMZ carries out vital work in Zimbabwe. Formed in 1997, it is a media self-regulatory body that receives and adjudicates complaints from the public about news stories. The organisation is also involved in training local editors and journalists as well as advocating and lobbying for media standards and media self-regulation.

Mr. Dube himself has a long history in journalism, having spent 15 years involved in media and media training before stepping into the role as executive director of the VCMZ in 2014.

Issues of media independence, media freedom and media standards loom large in Zimbabwe, and so we look forward to sharing ideas and discussing issues through the platforms and discussion forums that ONO can offer.

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