Readers looking for news, not Kardashians

Many readers were surprised to open their Thursday paper and find a large photo of the reality-TV Kardashian sisters in place of the front page. The page, which was labeled “Advertisement,” was part of a four-page wraparound promotion for Sears.

A sampling of the reader calls and emails to The Times:

“I was disappointed to see the Kardashians on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. At first I wasn’t sure what story about them would be so important as to be front page NEWS. Of course it was just an ad. The front page of newspapers should continue to be about news. I’m very offended by this type of display, and I hope The Times’ journalistic integrity will win over this kind of insult.”
— Manny Rodriguez, West Hollywood

“Your having a Kardashian ad on the front page was cheap and tacky. This is the front page! Please keep such ads buried somewhere in the paper, not the front page.”
— Tom Runyan, Santa Monica

“Kardashians on the bloody front page! I know it’s labeled an advertisement. But, come on.  How does putting these three on a mock front page jibe with your purported mission to be a respected news organization. How serious can we take your editorial work, your coverage and your opinions, in light of such a shallow display?”
— Earl Plummer, Torrance

“Today’s fake front page with the Kardashians on it was horrifying. I opened my front door and was greeted by them in all their leopard splendor. I know it is just an ad, but honestly! You are losing credibility by pulling such cheap stunts.”
— Cinzia Zanetti, Los Angeles

“No way should an advertisement overshadow or cover the front section of a newspaper. The way it was done, with ‘Los Angeles Times’ at the top and ‘Advertisement’ in small print, makes it seem that the ad is the first page of your newspaper. It makes it seem that these Kardashian people, and all of their endorsed paraphernalia, are more important than the news!”
— Laura Marro, Burbank

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This column was originally published on on Sept. 15, 2011.

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