How news ombudsmen can make themselves essential

Attendees at ONO’s Annual Conference in Montreal heard a keynote speech given by Craig Silverman of Regret the Error. He originally thought he would speak about about ways they could secure their survival in the new world of news.  But Silverman learned that ONO membership is actually on the rise, at least in parts of the world other than Canada and the U.S.

So Silverman spoke to conference attendees about the hows and whys of factual errors in the news. He shared some of the emerging standards for issuing online corrections. “I also told them that encouraging their readers and viewers and listeners to spot and report errors is a great way forge a more trusted relationship with the community, and a good way to demonstrate an ombud’s value to the organization,”  said Silverman.

Following the conference, he wrote a column with highlights from the keynote he did not present: “Five Ways for News Ombudsmen to Make Themselves Essential in Today’s Newsroom.” Read the article.

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