Hanif represents ONO in Azerbaijan

C.B. Hanif is representing ONO in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he is consulting with journalists concerned about the accountability of the press in the former Soviet republic on the Caspian Sea.

“I am hearing these concerns and sharing the experiences of the Organization of New Ombudsmen in improving journalistic accuracy and fairness, accountability and transparency, independence and credibility at news organizations around the world,” Hanif reports in his blog, “Hanif on Media.”

“How Azeris choose to develop their news organizations obviously will be their decisions. The societal challenges are not to be taken lightly,” he wrote.

“I’m hopeful that, as elsewhere, Azeris from editors to layman, business people to officialdom, can realize benefits from ONO’s experience in bolstering journalistic independence and accountability, thus promoting free and thriving societies.”

Read Hanif’s blog from Azerbaijan

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