ONO 2017 – “Freedom and Accountability in Today’s News: Free and Fair is Not Fake”

The ONO 2017 Conference just wrapped up in Chennai, India. Delegates from 15 countries spread over four continents spent two days sharing best practices and case studies in their work as Reader’s Editors, Standards Editors and Ombudsmen.

Two highlights:

  • Covering terrorist acts and reporting on hate speech generates lots of audience complaints. Thanks to the Public Media Alliance, conference attendees are able to use a UNESCO guide to reporting on terrorism and hate. You might find it a useful tool as well.

As at any conference, it wasn’t all hard work as the photos reveal.

For those of you who could not attend, watch this space for more information.


Photo 1 & 2:       Mr. N. Ram, Chairman, The Hindu Group of Publications, welcomes delegates to the 2017 ONO Conference

Photo 3:              Mr. N. Ram, Mukund Padmanabhan – Editor, The Hindu, A.S. Panneerselvan – Readers’ Editor, The Hindu, Tarmu Tammerk – Ombudsman, Estonian Public Broadcasting Company and past President of ONO and Esther Enkin, President, light a traditional brass lamp to mark the official opening.

Photo 4:              Mukund Padmanabhan speaking

Photo 5 & 6:       Fake News Panel: Sally-Ann Wilson – CEO, Public Media Alliance, Professor Rasmus Nielsen – Reuters Institute, Pratik Sinha, Co-Founder @AltNews, a fact-checking site and Ignatz Staub, Ombudsman & Mediator, Tamedia

Photo 7.              Q & A


This year’s annual conference was sponsored by The Hindu.

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