Chat notes from Climate Change shop talk, October 2022

Elizabeth Jensen : This was a big issue when I was at NPR. I wrote several columns on it. This was the last: And I saw that NPR just announced that it was concentrating everything in a full-on Climate Desk:
Margo Smit : Will we keep the comments thread too, Alan? Links might be interesting to people.
Alan Sunderland : Yes, I’ll publish it online with the video.
Pierre Champoux : Radio-Canada has a « climate reporter » (Étienne Leblanc) who has been covering environment questions for years. Also, News launched the « Carbone » initiative, 2-3 years ago (, while covering climate changes through its TV (, etc.) and radio shows ( and others).
Margo Smit : Should we try to bring one of the writers of Merchants of Doubt to a shop talk or a conference?
Pierre Champoux : About climate denialists, a review from Pierre Tourangeau, back in 2015… : And this more recent one from Guy Gendron It is in French but it may be a great occasion for you to practice…!

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