Chat comments – November 2021 shop talk

Sjoerd de Jong : You have to talk to reporters, don’t you? Going to the source, after all. Another question, once you’ve talked to them, do you name them in your column? I do, most of the times, but opinions vary.

Jason Cumming : This is really great but unfortunately I need to hop off to another call… hope to be back in about 15 minutes. See you then! Jason

Elisabeth Ribbans : The Guardian still uses “we” in corrections for news articles.

Pierre Champoux : In the pre Facebook and Twitter era!

George Claassen : I totally agree with Elizabeth. I do not use “we” in my columns, only in corrections.

Tom Kent : Have to hop off for another call … thanks for a very interesting session

Sjoerd de Jong : Exactly, I agree with Elizabeth. Being straightforward, fair (and sometimes funny) is key.

Elisabeth Ribbans : I believe previously at the Guardian, it was the Readers’ Editor who decided if an apology was warranted and issued it. But I have taken the approach – like Bjarne – that I might recommend to a senior editor that this is something for which an apology is merited but it is for the editor to give on behalf of the newspaper (or for me to convey from them).

Sjoerd de Jong : There is a slight catch: when I happen to see a reporter about to make a mistake pre publication, I’ll try to prevent it. You don’t sit on your hands to watch the paper go wrong.. but the general point is still: an ombudsman is not an editor. or advisor pre-publication.

Craig McMurtrie: I have both pre-pub and complaints teams but tend to be more involved in pre-pub advising editors and the managing editor. I leave complaint determinations to the complaint investigators (a church and state model). Their decisions are binding and summaries are published. I will often be involved once a complaint determination is published working with content teams on the appropriate editorial corrective action.

Pierre Champoux : Very interesting conversation! Learned a lot!

Jesper Termansen : Thanks, you’ve done a great job, Alan

Sjoerd de Jong : Shop Talks work fine and are helpful. Thanks! Bye

Tarmu Tammerk : very useful interaction, can’t get this anywhere else

Elisabeth Ribbans : Thank you, Alan, for all your work on coordinating and simulating debate in these talks!

Pierre Champoux : Shop talks are all I have ever known! They’re great!

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