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ONO Newsletter December 2019

The 2020 ONO Conference MAY 17TH – MAY 20th 2020 LONDON, UK ****The DATES and LOCATION are still not 100% locked in, so we are still advising people to hold off on making firm airline or accommodation bookings for now. … Read More

ONO Newsletter November 2019

The 2020 ONO Conference- HOLD THE DATE!!! MAY 17TH – MAY 20th We are yet to confirm the date and location for next year’s conference – there are still some details to be finalised and decisions to be made before … Read More

ONO Newsletter October 2019

Let’s start this month with two important questions… This is a callout for all members. We need your thoughts and ideas. This month, ONO has had two issues arise. First of all, there is great interest in knowing if there … Read More

ONO Newsletter September 2019

This month’s topic… Collaborating with the public – risks and opportunities. A fascinating new report emerged in August examining the way modern newsrooms can collaborate and interact with their readers / listeners / viewers. The report, which can be read … Read More

ONO Newsletter August 2019

This month’s topic… Who are you calling a racist? President Trump’s tweets and public comments targeting four Democrat congresswomen – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley – provoked huge controversy and reaction. After telling them to go … Read More

ONO Newsletter July 2019

A Message from the ONO President What a pleasure it was to meet so many of you at the excellent New York conference – it may be that an ombudsman has the loneliest job in the newsroom, but once a year we can truly say … Read More