Ombudsmen in the News

Saying, ‘Yes,’ to courage in journalism, compassion and imagination

Jacqui Banaszynski, Knight Chair Professor at the Missouri School of Journalism, delivered a eulogy at the Washington, D.C., memorial service for Deborah Howell, former ombudsman for The Washington Post. “We in journalism have lost a guiding star, “Banaszynski said. “But Deborah’s … Read More

Memorials scheduled for former Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell

Deborah Howell, former ombudsman at the Washington Post and a campaigning editor and bureau chief has died as the result of an automobile accident while on vacation in New Zealand. An obituary appeared in the Jan. 3 edition of The … Read More

Sourcing of Article Awkward for Paper

Facing criticism for publishing the work of a start-up news organization, The Washington Post reported Tuesday that it should have disclosed more about the group’s financier and his connections, and the paper’s ombudsman said he was looking into the relationship. The … Read More

Station ombudsman builds viewer trust

Paul Giacobbe isn’t on-air much at WJAR Providence, but when he is, viewers—and station staffers—take particular notice. Both parties are prime players in Giacobbe’s Viewer’s Voice segments, which shine a light on WJAR reports that have stirred controversy with the … Read More