Ombudsmen in the News

Hacking away at the truth

This is the text of The Guardian editor’s Orwell lecture on journalism and the phone-hacking scandal, given at University College, London on Nov. 10, 2011. Thank you for asking me to give this lecture. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have become … Read More

Press ethics: drawing the line

The ongoing phone-hacking scandal in the U.K. has brought the discussion about press ethics to the forefront once again. … Read More

Ombudsman mandate review launched

CBC/Radio-Canada have launched a review of the mandate for their ombudsmen.

The review follows last year’s update of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices and deals specifically with the role of the ombudsmen in the current media landscape. The mandate has not been reviewed for several years.

CBC president Hubert T. Lacroix says social media and the Internet have changed the way in which the corporation does business, so “it’s important that we understand new media’s impact, either real or potential, on the mandate and role of our ombudsmen.” … Read More

The awareness of the BBC

The list of rules and standards that govern the journalistic work of the BBC represents several hours of reading. SInce 2005, David Jordan monitors compliance with these standards. Leading a team of 12 employees, Jordan is a member of the … Read More

Brisbane will be new public editor at New York Times

The New York Times today named its next public editor, Arthur S. Brisbane, a journalist and news executive with 34 years experience, including as publisher and editor of The Kansas City Star and as reporter and editor at The Washington … Read More

Job was like “a shock absorber”

Media Matters’ Joe Strupp interviews departing New York Times Ombudsman Clark Hoyt at the end of his three-year run in the post. He says the experience has been positive, although sometimes making him feel like “a shock absorber.” “I was … Read More

Being the complaint department at The New York Times

When veteran journalist Daniel Okrent joined the New York Times as the newspaper’s first public editor in 2003, he entered a newsroom reeling in the wake of the Jayson Blair scandal and found himself critiquing the work of some of … Read More

Ombudsman can help prevent cheaters, Kurtz says

In Howard Kurtz’s Washington Post review of “My Times in Black and White” by former New York Times managing editor Gerald Boyd, Kurtz acknowledges that an ombudsman in the newsroom helps change the kind of atmosphere in which cheating  journalists like Jayson Blair … Read More

Salt Lake Tribune eliminates reader advocate post

The Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City, Utah, has eliminated the position of reader advocate. Connie Coyne, who has held the position for the past seven years, will be leaving the paper  as of March 26. Read the post on … Read More

ONO president promotes ombudsmanship in U.K.

ONO President Stephen Pritchard participated in the annual meeting of the UK Branch of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, a panel of expert speakers on technological and commercial trends in both electronic and print journalism over the first decade of the … Read More