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ONO Newsletter July 2021

ANOTHER SHOP TALK ON THE WAY “2018_01_190100 – Cyber-Bullying (t1)” by Gwydion M. Williams is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Hot on the heels of our very successful AGM and the excellent shop talk by Kathy English, we are busy planning a new shop … Read More

ONO Newsletter June 2021

MEET THE NEW PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF ONO        MARGO SMIT, NEW ONO PRESIDENT              JACK NAGLER, NEW ONO VICE-PRESIDENT What a wonderful Annual General Meeting we had on June 8th. Thanks to all the members – 35 in total … Read More

ONO Newsletter May 2021

SHOP TALKS Thanks to all ONO members who joined one or both of our popular shop talks on the vexed issue of unpublishing. For those wishing to catch up on the content, revisit part or all of it, or just … Read More

ONO Newsletter April 2021

OUR SECOND UNPUBLISHING SHOP TALK: TUESDAY 20th April at 1200 UTC “publish” by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Our most recent shop talk on the vexed issue of third party requests to “unpublish” news content was so popular and left so … Read More

ONO Newsletter March 2021

“UNPUBLISHING SHOP TALK – TUESDAY 16th March     Another great discussion on an important topic – thanks to everyone who was able to join us. Over 30 members listened in to some or all of this shop talk, and … Read More

ONO Newsletter February 2021

OUR NEXT SHOP TALK – TUESDAY 16th March 1200 UTC (0800 NY, Toronto; 1300 Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zurich, 1400 Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Tallinn; 1730 Chennai; 2100 Tokyo; 2300 Sydney) “Invisible Man” by isarisariver is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 UNPUBLISHING Requests to remove online … Read More

ONO Newsletter January 2021

WELCOME BACK TO A NEW YEAR! So far, 2021 isn’t looking that much better than 2020, but we live in hope. I trust you all managed some kind of festive break. I enjoyed some time at the beach (see above) … Read More

ONO Newsletter December 2020

OUR NEXT VIRTUAL SHOP TALK VIA ZOOM CONFIRMED Wednesday January 13th 2021, 1200 UTC Professional Ethics, Public Actions Mark it in your diaries, and please join us on the day for this important discussion about the interaction between the ethics … Read More

ONO Newsletter November 2020

OUR NEXT SHOP TALK – HOLD THE DATE As we mentioned in our last newsletter, ONO is committed to organising regular opportunities for virtual conversations. We are hoping to hold at least four virtual shop talks every year, so all … Read More

ONO Newsletter October 2020

TOM ROSENSTIEL ON IMPARTIALITY Thanks to all our members who were able to join us for our Virtual Shop Talk last week with Tom Rosenstiel. The picture above doesn’t capture everyone who was able to be part of the session … Read More