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ONO Newsletter September 2022


The Organization of News Ombudsmen is delighted to join with more than 500 news organizations around the world on September 28 in supporting World News Day and emphasising the value of fact-based journalism. There has been a proliferation of news … Read More

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ONO Newsletter March 2022

SHOP TALK: THE WAR IN UKRAINE Thanks again to all of those who were able to join us for an important discussion this month on the challenges of covering the war. 29 members (including some invited guests) came together to … Read More

ONO Newsletter February 2022

NEW SHOP TALK: HOW DO WE COVER DISINFORMATION? Wednesday March 9th, 1200 UTC (7.00am New York & Toronto, 9.00am Buenos Aires, 12.00 noon London, 1.00pm Amsterdam & Copenhagen, 2.00pm Cape Town, 9.00pm Tokyo, 11.00pm Sydney, etc…) Come and join us … Read More

The Fragility of Media Accountability in Repressive Context: The Case of Turkey

The respected Turkish journalist and long-time ONO member Yavuz Baydar recently delivered an important speech on media accountability under repressive regimes. You can read the full speech here. It covers, in stark detail, the challenges of being an ombudsman at … Read More