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ONO Newsletter March 2022

SHOP TALK: THE WAR IN UKRAINE Thanks again to all of those who were able to join us for an important discussion this month on the challenges of covering the war. 29 members (including some invited guests) came together to … Read More

ONO Newsletter February 2022

NEW SHOP TALK: HOW DO WE COVER DISINFORMATION? Wednesday March 9th, 1200 UTC (7.00am New York & Toronto, 9.00am Buenos Aires, 12.00 noon London, 1.00pm Amsterdam & Copenhagen, 2.00pm Cape Town, 9.00pm Tokyo, 11.00pm Sydney, etc…) Come and join us … Read More

The Fragility of Media Accountability in Repressive Context: The Case of Turkey

The respected Turkish journalist and long-time ONO member Yavuz Baydar recently delivered an important speech on media accountability under repressive regimes. You can read the full speech here. It covers, in stark detail, the challenges of being an ombudsman at … Read More

An Open Letter on Coverage of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

ONO Members have, over the years, worked with a range of organizations in Ukraine and elsewhere in Eastern Europe and around the world to promote strong public interest journalism and accountable editorial standards. Recently, in the wake of the outbreak … Read More


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ONO Newsletter January 2022

Welcome to a new year! As I write this, I am enjoying some quiet, peaceful and uncontroversial holiday time here in Sydney, Australia, watching our ever-vigilant Government tie itself up in knots trying to work out whether the world’s best … Read More

The Relotius Scandal

The shock Three years ago, the falsifications by reporter Claas Relotius shook SPIEGEL and called the magazine’s credibility into question. What followed? By Brigitte Fehrle Fehrle, 67, is the former chief editor of the Berliner Zeitung. She works as a … Read More


We no longer make the newspaper ‘just for ourselves’ Journalists who want to defend democracy do not have to become activists, according to outgoing ombudsman Sjoerd de Jong. 30 December 2021 Reading time 6 minutes It started as more good, … Read More

ONO Newsletter December 2021

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2021, full of holiday optimism and festive good cheer. As we all advise our newsrooms on how to pronounce ‘Omicron’ and remind them of the importance of accurate, fact-based reporting with lots of context, … Read More

ONO Newsletter November 2021

Our final shop talk of the year: “Talking to Reporters and Editors” Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for our final catch up of 2021. We had an interesting conversation about the challenges and processes involved in … Read More