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“The Grumpy Scold in the House”

The Public Editor Role at the Asahi Shimbun What is the Public Editor doing?  An interim report on The Asahi Shimbun’s PE By Yumiko Harashima/ Staff Writer Asahi Shimbun Op-Ed Section “The grumpy scold in the house” “The loneliest job in the newsroom” News ombudsmen or public … Read More

Reporting Suicide

In the last week, news outlets reported on two high profile suicides.  Here’s what CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices has to say on the subject: We are sensitive in our handling of suicides, suicide attempts and desperate acts. In particular, … Read More

News Fluency

Working journalists and academics alike have been spending a lot of time thinking about ways to restore trust in their work, and to help citizens discern reliable solid reporting from the masses of flimsy and utterly false information that bombards … Read More

Another one bites the dust

Most people have heard of ESPN. It’s a world leader in sports and sports news broadcasting, with a global reach and unprecedented influence on standards of sports coverage and sports reporting. A few days ago, it announced a significant change … Read More

Understanding Science Denial

I don’t know about you, but I still get a regular number of complaints from climate change deniers and even more from “anti-vaxxers” – those that refuse to vaccinate their children against various childhood diseases that have been all but … Read More

ESPN Cuts its Public Editor

It’s a sad day for journalism and journalistic accountability.  One more news outlet is ending the position of public editor. ESPN has announced Jim Brady will be the last person to hold the position.  The Organization of News Ombudsmen and … Read More