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The History of ONO

The idea takes form The news media has always made efforts to be accountable to the public it serves. As far back as the 19th century, editorial standards covering accuracy, impartiality and respectful behaviour began to be codified and made … Read More

Al JaCoby – The First ONO President

“He was a really fine person, even if he’d never admit it.” Those are the words of good friend and former San Diego Union-Tribune colleague, Bob Laurence. He was describing Al JaCoby, newspaperman, mentor and my friend for nearly four … Read More

List of ONO Presidents

1980-1985 Al JaCoby, The San Diego Union-Tribune 1985-1986 Harry Themal, Wilmington News-Journal 1986-1988 Clair Balfour, Montreal Gazette, Canada 1988-1990 Bob Kierstead, Boston G;obe 1990-1991 Henry McNulty, Hartford Courant 1991-1992 Kerry Sipe, Virginian Pilot 1992-1993 Dave Bishop, Ann Arbor News, Michigan … Read More


…a pamphlet produced by ONO in the mid-1980’s explaining what a news ombudsman is and why the world needs them.

ONO Newsletter May 2020

CONFERENCE CANCELLED In what is no doubt the least surprising news you will read this week, this year’s postponed ONO Conference has now been cancelled. The ONO Board met last week and confirmed that international conditions mean it is simply … Read More

ONO Newsletter April 2020

From the bunker Well, not the bunker really. But like so many of us, I am working from home – in my case a little cabin at the bottom of the garden. The only difference is that this has been … Read More

ONO Newsletter March 2020

CONFERENCE POSTPONED Most members should have received email notification on this already, but just confirming that our annual conference, originally planned for Copenhagen from May 17-20, has been postponed due to the health and travel risks associated with the COVID-19 … Read More


The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is a huge and all-consuming story, and likely to remain one for some time. The pressures on working journalists in covering such a fast-breaking and high-impact story are immense.  Reporters are working long hours on a … Read More

The ONO Handbook

The ONO Handbook is a concise and helpful guide for News Ombudsmen, It has been updated with a new section on digital newsrooms and social media, and is now available as a free e-book. You can access it here

ONO Newsletter February 2020

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THE 2020 ONO CONFERENCE IN COPENHAGEN “ROBOTS, GIANTS AND VILLAINS – Challenges to Journalism from Artificial Intelligence, Technology Companies and Governments” Copenhagen, Denmark, May 17–20, 2020 We look forward to seeing you at this year’s … Read More