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Public editors are disappearing in U.S. newsrooms. But abroad, they’re more important than ever

“In the past several years, the role of ombudsmen has gotten more important in newsrooms outside the U.S. — particularly in countries that are slowly democratizing, editors and media experts say.” … Read More

2017 ONO Annual Conference

ONO 2017 – ‘Freedom and Accountability in Today’s News: Free and Fair is Not Fake’ The ONO 2017 Conference just wrapped up in Chennai, India. Delegates from 15 countries spread over four continents spent two days sharing best practices and … Read More

‘Alt-right’ softens the vileness of a racist movement

“The term is deliberately misleading. It sounds harmless – almost trendy – when its real purpose is to make white nationalists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis sound less frightening.”
— Globe and Mail Public Editor Sylvia Stead … Read More To More Clearly Label Opinion Pieces

“Readers of will be well served by this move, which will more clearly distinguish news content from pieces that express personal opinions or take sides on an issue.”
— Elizabeth Jensen, NPR Ombudsman … Read More

Public editors disappear as media distrust grows

While public editor positions are increasing elsewhere, only a handful of news ombudsmen remain in the United States. A report from the Columbia Journalism Review. … Read More

Public Editor cannot be one-person panacea to reader trust problem

“I am biased of course, but I believe the public editor role works for Toronto Star readers.”
— Kathy English, Public Editor, Toronto Star … Read More

ONO Responds to End of The Public Editor at NYT

The Organization of News Ombudsmen and Standards Editors deplores the elimination of the position of public editor at the New York Times.  We believe this is contrary to the best interests of a free, independent and trusted news media. There … Read More

Mike Getler retires from PBS

One of ONO’s longest serving members departs his post as PBS ombudsman. … Read More

Publishers’ dilemma

A readers’ editor’s reflection on the impact of social media platforms. … Read More

Political bias complaints dominate ombudsman inbox

“Bias” was the label most applied to emails that arrived at NPR Ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen’s inbox last month. … Read More