2012 Conference (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen, Denmark
May 20-23, 2012

Final program

Please note: The program Monday and Tuesday will have full translation from/to English, Spanish and French.



13.00 Board meeting at JP/Politikens Hus,

(Rådhuspladsen 37 – a five minutes walk from hotel Ascot)

18.00 The National Museum – special tour for ONO-delegates



19.00 Welcome reception and dinner at The National Museum

(Ny Vestergade 10 – a ten minutes walk from hotel Ascot)

Dinner speech: Editor-in-chief Bo Lidegaard, Politiken


MONDAY May 21th

9.00 Registration and coffee – in DR Byen (The Big Meeting Room)

(Emil Holms Kanal 20)


9.30 Welcome to DR

Director General Maria Rørbye Rønn, DR


9.35 State of ONO

President Jacob Mollerup, ONO


9.45 Quality, errors and corrections – an international comparison

Moderator: Professor Ed Wasserman, Wash. & Lee Uni.

– The Danish “quality-project” – what did we find?

Professor Mark Ørsten (RUC)

– ABC testing itself – how and why?

Director of editorial policy, Paul Chadwick, ABC

– Questions and discussion

11.15 Short break




11.30 Multiple errors in the multiplatform newsroom?

Are media responsible for all errors?

Moderator: Professor Mark Prendergast, St. John’s Uni.


– Director of editorial policy David Jordan, BBC

– Readers’ editor Chris Elliot, The Guardian

– Ombudsman Ignaz Staub, Tamedia,

– Ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos, NPR


12.30 Lunch in The Concerthouse


13. 30 Special tour in DR’s Concert House – concert chief Leif Lønsmann


13.45 Who are you?

Moderator: Readers’ editor Margreet Vermeulen, De Volkskrant

All news ombudsmen present give a short presentation of themselves.


14.10 The global ONO-survey 2012

Presented by ombudsman Tarmu Tammerk, Estonian Broadcasting.


14.35 News Ombudsmen in Latin America and on The Iberian Peninsula

Trends and characteristics.

Moderator: Defensor Gerardo Albarrán de Alba, MVS.

Keynote: Lic. Flavia Pauwels, Buenos Aires University

15.15 Short break


15.30 La Mediatrice – the French model

Moderator: Ombudsman Pierre Tourangeau, CBC (French service)

Keynote: Marie-Laure Augry, FR3


16.00 Using the handbook – and new plans for outreach

Moderator: Jeffrey Dvorkin, Exec. Director, ONO


– Ombudsman Golan Rahman, Daily Amader Shomay

– Reader’s Editor Sumana Ramanan, Hindustan Times


17.00 Closing – Evening free


17.00 Optional: A guided tour in DR Byen.

Including news room, studios and continuity.

Duration approx. 30 min.



9.00 After “Phonegate” – self-regulation at a crossroad

Moderator: Public editor Karen Rothmyer, The Star

1. Session: Setting the scene – UK and Australia

– Behind Phonegate – what is so special with Britain and its tabloids? The Leveson Inquiry and after. A new regulatory body? More readers’ editors?

Readers’ editor Stephen Pritchard, The Observer

– The Australian connection: Scandal, Media Inquiry and worries about the results. Director Paul Chadwick, ABC, and ombudsman Sally Begbie, SBS.


10.30 2.session: Self-regulation has failed in Britain? Is it doomed to fail again?

Keynote: Professor Steven Barnett, University of Westminster


11.00 Short break


11.15 3. session: The future of self-regulation – where are we heading?

Moderator: Ombudsman Sally Begbie, SBS


– Readers’ editor Stephen Pritchard, The Observer

– Ombudsman Yavus Baydar, Sabah

– Professor Stephen Barnett

– Ombudsman Mike Getler, PBS

12.30 Lunch in The Concerthouse


13.30 Shoptalks and cases – moderated by Edward Shumacher-Matos, NPR

(Based on specific cases and problems to be suggested by the membership – partly via the questionnaire. Edward selects and moderates. Examples: How to define public interest? Breaking confidentiality – a Danish case. The right to reply. Covering financial crisis – are the media part of the problem? The use of social media. When to delete stories from the web-site? Hidden camera etc.)


15.15 Short break


15.30 Business meeting


17.00 Closing


19.30 Dinner in Tivoli Gardens – Restaurant Grøften



8.20 Departure from hotel Ascot by bus


9.00 Welcome speech at TV 2, Teglholms Alle 16.


9.10 Do we have the media we deserve?

Special keynote: The Speaker of The Danish Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft

9.50 Plans for our part of the world – debates in five sessions

– The French-speaking

– The Spanish-speaking

– The North-Americans

– The North-Europeans

– The Africans and Asians


11.00 Ombudsmen under pressure

International panel reports from the life of a news ombudsman – including cases from Mark Prendergast, Sally Begbie, Jacob Mollerup a.o.

Moderator: Lars Bennike


12.00 Light meal


12.45 Departure by boat for central Copenhagen


13.30 Arrival by boat at Gammel Strand – end of official program.

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