Thank you to the delegates and speakers who came from around the world for two days of great discussions at the ONO@CJR Conference 2019.

Thank you to the Columbia Journalism Review for hosting the conference in New York.

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Bjarne Schilling – Our President

Bjarne Schilling was appointed Readers’ Editor at Politiken, Denmark’s largest morning paper, in 2010. The Readers’ Editor acts as the readers’ representative in order to safeguard journalistic principles of transparency and fairness in reporting, dealing with complaints and reviewing editorial performance, thus demonstrating that Politiken genuinely cares about and responds to public concerns about how it is serving its readers.

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This 51-page guide, “The Modern News Ombudsmen: A User’s Guide,” was written by the group’s then executive director Jeffrey Dvorkin. It’s a must have guide!

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Member Spotlight

Meet Margo Smit, Ombudsman for all of all the journalistic programming and production of the Dutch public broadcasting networks.

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The Grumpy Scold in the House

What’s it like being a Public Editor in Japan? In 2015, the Asahi Shimbun became the first Japanese news organisation to establish such a role.

ONO Member Ms. Reiko Yamanoue currently holds the position, and as this article from Asahi Shimbun staff writer Yumiko Harashima makes clear, the role can have it’s challenges! Read on…

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