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Member Profile: We are pleased to introduce a new feature on the ONO website – a chance to get to know one another. Meet Margo Smit, Ombudsman for all of all the journalistic programming and production of the Dutch public broadcasting networks. She is the first to hold this position.  Congratulations, Margo, and thank you to Alan Sunderland, Standards Editor for ABC Australia for launching this project. When he asks you to tell us about yourself, please tell him all!

Regular Members


María José Guembe, Chair at the Defender of the Public of Audiovisual Communication Services, Buenos Aires [email protected]


Sally Begbie, SBS Corporation, Artamon NSW [email protected]

Paul Chadwick, Guardian, Melbourne [email protected]

Murray Green, University of Technology, Sydney [email protected]

Peter Legzdins, Fairfax Newspapers, Pyrmont [email protected]

Alan Sunderland, ABC, Sydney [email protected]


Tim Pauwels, VRT News Ombudsman, Brussels [email protected]

Diane Waumans, Flemish Radio and TV, Brussels [email protected]


Vera Guimaraes Martins, Folha,  Sao Paolo  [email protected]


Jeffrey Dvorkin America Abroad Media Toronto    [email protected]

Kathy English Toronto Star Toronto [email protected]

Esther Enkin CBC Toronto [email protected]

Patricia Graham New Brunswick Publishing Saint John [email protected]

Kirk LaPointe UBC Vancouver    [email protected]

Sylvia Stead The Globe and Mail Toronto Canada   SStead[email protected]

Guy Gendron Radio-Canada Montreal Canada    [email protected]

Ron Waksman Global News Toronto Canada   [email protected]


Perez Amparo Caracol, Television Bogota    [email protected]

Consuelo Cepeda, RCN TV, Bogota  [email protected]


Inger Bach Gronbaek, DR, Copenhagen [email protected]

Lars Bennike, TV2, Copenhagen    [email protected]

Jesper Termansen Bestyrelsen, Dansk Radio, Copenhagen    [email protected]

Esben Orbeg, Copenhagen    [email protected]

Bjarne Schilling, Politiken, Copenhagen    [email protected]


Tarmu Tammerk Estonian Broadcasting, Tallinn   [email protected]


Riita Pihlajamäki Finnish Public Broadcasting Helsinki Finland     [email protected]


Kerstin Dolde, Frankenpost Verlag GmbH, Berlin    [email protected]

Ralf Nehmzow ,Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburg    [email protected]


Panneerselvan Anypuram, The Hindu, Chennai    [email protected]


David Regev, Second Authority for Television and Radio, Jerusalem  [email protected]


Reiko Yamanoue, Asahi Shimbun [email protected]


Karen Rothmyer, Nairobi Star, Nairobi   [email protected]

The Netherlands

Sjoerd de Jong, NRC Handlesblad, Amsterdam    [email protected]

Annieke Kranenberg,  Der Volkskrant, Amsterdam    [email protected]

Jan Van Groesen, Dutch Media Council, The Hague   [email protected]

Margo Smit, Ombudsman, NOS, Amsterdam  [email protected]


Mario Figueiredo, RTP, Lisbon   [email protected]

South Africa

George Claassen, Media 24, Cape Town   [email protected]

Franz Kruger, Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg     [email protected]


Lola Galán, El Pais, Madrid     [email protected]


Torbjorn von Krogh, Foundation for Media Studies, Stockholm    [email protected]


Ignaz Staub, Tamedia AG, Zurich    [email protected]


Faruk Bildirici, Hurriyet, Istanbul    [email protected]

United Kingdom

Chris Elliott, The Guardian, London    [email protected]

David Jordan, BBC, London    [email protected]

Stephen Pritchard, Observer, London    [email protected]

United States

Derek Donovan, Kansas City Star, Kansas City   [email protected]

Nancy Erskine, Gartner Media Corporation, New York    [email protected]

Michael Getler, PBS, Arlington [email protected]

Elizabeth Jensen, NPR, New York    [email protected]

Tom Kent, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  [email protected]

Jack Lessenberry, Toledo Blade, Toledo   [email protected]

Mark Prendergast, St. John’s University, Jamaica NY   [email protected]

Ed Wasserman, UC Berkeley School of Journalism, Berkeley   [email protected]


Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe   Contact form


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* Full Membership (for ombudsmen or standards/public editors working for media organisations) US$300
* Discounted Membership (from ombudsmen or standards/public editors from low-income nations or smaller media companies US$150
* Associate Membership (for media academics, journalists or anyone professionally involved in media or media ethics) US$150
* Retired Membership $US75
****ONO normally offers discounted membership to Ombudsmen and Standards Editors from developing or low-income nations as defined by the World Bank or for small media organisations with fewer than 200 staff, but please contact ONO to see if you are eligible for the discounted rate.